Artificial Lawn Installation Service

Monomore Limited is an Artificial Grass supply company only, we do not install the grass ourselves. However, we can recommend an installer local to you through our national network of landscapers. Please click Here to find a supplier near you. For the DIY enthusiast, we offer a supply service covering the UK. 

DIY Installation

Step 1

Using a turf cutter or old fashioned shovel remove the existing turf to the depth of around 5- 10 mm or until most of the roots are clear. Using weed killer treat the ground to get rid of any existing growth and prevent it growing back. Edge the perimeter using timber or fake grass edging and leave proud of the surface and secure in position.

Step 2

Compact the soil using a vibrating whacker plate until it is firm but still porous. Add 50-75 mm of of MOT Type 1 or Limestone chippings, if your garden suffers from poor drainage. loosely compact an add 10-15 mm of granite scalpings and fully compact just below the level of the edging. The granite scalpings help prevents worm holes and use rather than sharp sand.

Step 3

Lay down a weed membrane and attach it to the perimeter edging, trimming away excess.

Line up one edge of your artificially turf to one edge of the area. Trim off and excess and roll out the balance of the roll, ensuring that the turf remains taught. Trim the waste edges accordingly. Using galvanised nails or pegs loosely hammer down the edges to hold in place only and leave for 48 hours to settle.

Step 4

Re-stretch the lawn and re-trim if necessary and fix using galvanised nails of pegs every 12 cms. Brush over your new lawn to lift the pile of the grass and enjoy your new luxurious artificial turf lawn.
NB: We advise brushing for the first few days to give the grass pile “memory” for longevity of natural look.